Hi, welcome to the Shuang Tan newsletter, written by me, Hongqiao Liu.

In this newsletter, I will be tracking China’s policies and actions toward achieving its climate pledges of peaking carbon emissions before 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality before 2060. Hence the name: “Shuang Tan” is shorthand for China’s “dual-carbon” goals (“双碳”, pinyin: Shuāng Tàn).

The newsletter will include curated news, in-depth analysis, and exclusive interviews on China’s decarbonization drive. (Read the Archive.)

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Wonder why you should listen to my musings?

I can think of a few reasons:

I am independent: I am not employed by, or sponsored by any public or private institution;

I am credible: I write the “Best Investigation” on China’s environmental crisis in the early 2010s and the “must-read explanatory journalism pieces on China’s climate policy in the 2020s;

My writing is nuanced and well-sourced: I place current policy debates in the big picture, providing in-depth analysis that goes beyond headlines, all fact-checked and sourced;

I unsilo policy discussions: I bring in interdisciplinary knowledge and expertise from investigative journalism, media studies, strategic communication, energy and climate policy, international relations, political economy, and green finance;

I am read by influencers who shape the policy and business worlds: From the New York Times to Die Zeit, my work has been widely published, reported, and cited in leading media outlets and academic publications, as well as in policy references and market intelligence that influenced decision-making.

Visionary change agent”, Future Perfect 50 List, Vox (2023)

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And If you would also like to put a face to my name, I can recommend watching my talk at the TED Countdown Summit, “Can China achieve its ambitious climate pledges?

A few more words…

Shuang Tan is an independent and personal project. I launched the newsletter in February 2022, with the vision of providing timely, comprehensive, and balanced information on China’s decarbonization.

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Where else to find me?

Besides the newsletter, I also write very long analytical threads about China’s climate and energy policy on Twitter, and occasionally on Linkedin. You may also write to me at contact@shuangtan.me.

I hope you enjoy the newsletter, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Cheers, Hongqiao

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Paris-based independent policy consultant & advisor, tracking #China #environment #energy #climate since 2010. Vox “Visionary change agent”; 2x TED speaker; Oxford Reuters Fellow. 中/EN/FR. I write the Shuang Tan newsletter.